Brad Schwartz is a native New Yorker running as Democratic candidate for State Senate in his hometown District #7 [click here to see map].  He is a resident of Port Washington and grew up in East Hills. After graduating from Roslyn High School, Brad attended Wesleyan University.  He then recieved his Master's degree from the world-renowned American Film Institute [AFI] Conservatory. Following graduate school, Brad enjoyed a successful career as a Television Editor and Producer on Emmy-winning programming. Through his professional experience, Brad honed a diverse skill set strongly-suited for the demands of campaigning and legislating; these talents include team building, negotiating, securing financing, delivering strict budgets and deadlines, and crafting concise ways to target and engage audience attention with media.

However, it was Brad's battle with a devastating illness that shaped him most as a person. Having suffered a disease that went improperly diagnosed for a decade, and which ultimately left him bedridden for many years, Brad experienced first-hand all that is wrong with medical insurance industry. Fortunately, he made full recovery thanks to the support of his family who pitched-in to help with the exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses.  However, the experience made a deep and lasting impression on Brad, that nobody in America should ever have to choose between getting better or going broke. So, among the many issues Brad is fighting to improve for New Yorkers and Nassau County residents, the renewed fedral attack on the Affordable Care Act was the catalyst that finally compelled him throw his hat into the ring to run for office.  

A native son of Nassau County, Brad will also fight the high cost-of-living and tax burden on our residents to ensure our communities remain affordable for all families, generations and income levels. This includes tackling the Republican repeal of S.A.L.T. [State & Local Tax] deductions which are projected to hike NYS taxes by 25% and, hit Nassau County residents and businesses hardest. Indeed, the GOP Federal Tax bill was an appalling act of political retribution aimed to punish the economies of thriving coastal "blue" states like New York that did not vote for Trump.  

Brad will fight tooth and nail to combat this attack on New York. Indeed, our State is supposed to serve as the constitutional safeguard for residents against a predatory federal government. But that will only happen if we have a state government armed to fight back full force. 

THAT is where Brad's race IS the game-changer!


New York's 7th District has been referred to as the “Key to Albany” since it could single-handedly deliver Democrats full-Party victory over the Empire State. Why? Because Democrats already control the Governor's Office and State Assembly, yet are only ONE seat shy of taking back the NY State Senate [*under a pending coalition agreement between Democrats and their breakaway conference called the IDC]. 

And Brad is running for THAT seat. Call it Lucky #7!

With 30% more registered Democrats than Republicans in District 7, Brad's campaign is the Democratic Party’s best chance to win New York.  

That makes Brad's campaign a New York and National priority. Brad is facing a race expected to be among the most expensive in the country. Republican Super PAC's will pour money to protect Brad’s GOP opponent. But Brad is optimistic that citizen action and strong grassroots will outraise the moneyed-special interests. In fact, he has already proven it. Brad is the top fundraiser among all 2018 challengers for the NY State Senate. And 95% of his contributions come from individual donors. In fact, in the course of just 3 months more people contributed to Brad's campaign than EVER contributed to his Republican opponent - whom Brad strongly outraised despite her headstart advantage as a sitting state senator. The kicker... 88% of her donors are BIG MONEY Super PACs, Corps and GOP Political Committees. Yet they can't compete with the blue wave momentum on our side. So together, we can help Brad win back the seat, that wins back New York.