About Brad


Brad Schwartz is a native New Yorker who was born, raised and resides in the Town of North Hempstead where he is now running for one of the most highly contested seats in the NY State Senate. New York's 7th District has been referred to as the “Key to Albany” since it could single-handedly deliver Democrats full Party control of the State. Why? Because, New York already has a Democratic Governor and Assembly. However, its State Senate is almost evenly split; with Republicans clinging to power by a single-seat. That means, if Democrats can flip just ONE state senate seat, they could win majority control over the entire NYS government! And Brad is running for THAT seat...

With 30% more registered Democrats than Republicans residing in District 7, Brad's campaign is the Democratic Party’s best hope to win NY. That would be a stunning statewide and national victory.

Call it Lucky # 7: If Brad wins New York's 7th District, New York could become the 7th U.S. State to have a fully-elected Democratic government; to add to the national coalition of Reistance. Plus, this isn't just any State... it's the Empire State!

That makes Brad's campaign a New York AND National priority. With the stakes higher than ever, Brad is facing a race expected to be among the most expensive in the country. Republican Super PAC's will pour money to protect Brad’s opponent. But Brad is passionately optimistic that citizen action and strong grassroots will outraise the moneyed-special interests. In fact, he has already proven it. Brad is the top fundraiser among all 2018 challengers for the NY State Senate. And 95% of his contribtors are individual donors. In fact, in the course of just 3 months more PEOPLE contributed to Brad's campaign than EVER contributed to his Republican opponent; and she's a sitting state senator! More so, he vastly outraised her. The kicker... 88% of her donors are BIG MONEY Super PACs, Corps and GOP Political committees. Yet they can't touch the blue tidal wave of momentum on our side. So together we can help Brad win back the seat, that wins back New York.