China Press: Schwartz Visits Chinese American Associations

China Press Correspondent Chen Chen reported on March 25th in New York. Democratic state Senate candidate Brad Schwartz of the Seventh District visited the United States Fujian Joint Conference to elaborate on the concept of the campaign. 

Schwartz said that his constituency is adjacent to Queens, and has 14% Asian American population of which 25% are Chinese residents. Therefore, he promised to actively speak up for the Chinese community after the election. Schwartz was endorsed by the United States Fujian Joint Assocation and was warmly welcomed by the chairman of the association, Yu Guangwu, and members.

Yu Guangwu, chairman of the United States Fujian General Union, said that with the development and growth of the Ruanji community, more and more residents have begun to move to Long Island. The 7th District in which Schwartz is running is an increasingly Chinese-American inhabited community. Therefore, elected officials who understand and support Chinese-American communities need to speak for the people.

"According to my understanding, there are more and more local residents of Yan nationality who have the right to vote. Therefore, we hope that everyone will exercise their rights and vote for candidates who are helpful to the community. He hopes that the young and promising Schwartz can be successfully elected. And for the Chinese community to speak." Yu Guang said.

Schwartz said that it is an honor to have the endorsement support of the United States Fujian Joint Conference. For the Asian population of the constituency, Schwartz said that the area that is close to Queens, has an influx of the Asian-American community, among which over a quarter are of Chinese descent. "Asian voters are very important for this election, and Chinese-American communities occupy an crucial position among them. Therefore, I hope to gain the support of Chinese-Americans to help serve their community needs once elected." Schwartz said.

Afterwards, the general counselor Yang Gongde, the standing vice chairman Zheng Quancai, and the Chairman of the American Chinese Calligraphers Association Li Zhaoyin successively delivered speeches. The participating guests included Zhang Miaosheng, Qui Qinggang, Jiang Jinlin, Zhang Hui, Lin Yizhong, Yu Shuguang, Yu Yarong, Zhue Xiuyan, Li Yajiao, and Li Bindi. 


纽约州参议员第七选区的民主党参选人施瓦茨拜访纽约龙冈亲义公所。 (陈辰摄)

China Press reported on March 26 in New York. Democratic State Senate candidate Brad Schwartz of the 7th District visited the Longanag, New York Chinese-American club to elaborate on the concept of his campagin to be elected. He will speak up for the needs of the Chinese Community. Participants at the event discussed topics such as Long Island public school education, property tax cuts and affordable Health Care. 

Schwartz was warmly welcomed by members. Zhang Dejiang, president of Longgang New York, said the establishment is celebrating its 130 year anniversary. As one of the oldest Chinese-American clubs in New York, it is very happy to welcome the young and talented candidate. Zhang Dejiang said that New York State has a large number of ethnic Chinese residents. Therefore, Chinese votes are crucial in the election. Therefore, he welcomes Schwartz's visit and wishes him to win the election to stand for the Chinese community.

In his speech, Schwartz discussed members of the ethnic Chinese community in the constituency, the importance of property tax reform, affordable health insurance, gun control and public education. One of the members said that due to the high local taxes in Long Island, they could only choose to move out of the area.

Schwartz said that the 7th district shares it's border with Queens, where Chinese residents occupy the main force of the Asian population. At the same time, more and more Chinese are now vying to move to the suburbs. Therefore, in the face of high housinig prices, Schwartz will vigorously promote tax reforms and affordable housing to help attract more young people and families to move to Long Island communities.

For education that is of universal concern to the Chinese, Schwartz said that he will focus on developing and promoting public school eduation. After the election, Schwartz will strive for federal and state funding for education to improve the quality of public education and campus conditions.

The honored guests also included Vice Chairman Guan Deyi, Senior Zhang Runxin, Liu Nanyao, Zhang Meifang, Liu Weiming and Guan Zhenli.