The Island Now: NY Senate Challenger Schwartz Outraises Phillips

The Island Now (click here for publication)

State Senate District 7 candidate Brad Schwartz said he has been focused on his Long Island constituents during his first three months of campaign fundraising.


Schwartz, of Port Washington, who said he began fundraising in October without any campaign manager or staff, raised $115,171 in contributions and $8,000 in miscellaneous receipts since September, according to the state Board of Elections.

During that time, Schwartz spent $17,413, bringing his balance down to $105,758, and Phillips spent $52,426, dropping her balance by a few thousand dollars to $70,081.District 7 incumbent Elaine Phillips (R-Flower Hill) raised $74,513, all through contributions, during the 6 month period of July, 2017 - January, 2018.

“I began at the grassroots by reaching out to family, friends and community networks,” Schwartz said. “My message began to spread. People held events for my campaign at their homes where I had the opportunity to meet their circle of family and friends – who in turn, would offer to host another event. One gathering led to another, and momentum continued to grow.”

Schwartz, an East Hills native who has worked in television production, said most of his fundraising events were hosted by his constituents, including his friends and family.

“In the past, and is still typical, most candidates get call lists from elected officials and cold-call strangers. I did not do that,” Schwartz said. “I prefer the intimacy of meet and greets since that is the best part of running — you meet so many amazing people.  The element of personal connection, hearing the thoughts and concerns of others first-hand, I believe is integral.”